Why Are Angels Watching Us?

Why do angels watch us? And what are angels learning from us?

You probably already know that several biblical passages indicate that angels watch mankind, and many religious faiths teach this to be true. But we should consider the following Bible passage a bit deeper as it is specifically about angels watching us. This begs the question, "Why?" and "What might angels be learning from us?"

“…for we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men.” – I Corinthians 4:9

Let's dig into this idea further. Maybe, angels need us just as much as we need them.

We are a Spectacle, but to Whom?
Did you catch in the above excerpt from the Bible that we are a spectacle to the world, men and angels – to all that exists? Huh? Yes, to all. We like to think that this idea is true, but in what way? What does that mean?

Many eyes, according to this scripture, are upon us. But the implication is even greater than that: The Greek word in this passage translated as spectacle means “theatre” or a “public assembly.” That’s big – something that makes us wonder just how large an audience could be watching every one of us, at any given time.

Who are the Angels and Why Might They Desire to Watch Over Us?
Allow us to clarify that in the Bible, the word "angels" means messengers – people in spirit who are watching over, communicating and observing us. We are not alone. Often we think of angels or enlightened spirits as higher, advanced beings who are close to perfect and not needing anything from us imperfect humans. But, I disagree with this concept; for religions have created ideas of untouchable, winged, haloed entities, causing us to misunderstand the interaction of spirits with those of us who are embodied. Artists added wings to angels to convey they were special and from a "higher place." Birds have wings to fly in the heavens. So adding wings to people allowed artists to indicate that messengers were from the heavens, too; namely, from spirit.

We're not implying that it's impossible for a person in spirit to appear with wings, bright light, or even a halo. Maybe, spirits can appear to people however they desire. We like to think that ethereal beings are not limited by what they can or cannot do, especially if the mind is open to create. The point we're trying to make is that biblical angels who interact with people are described as people in spirit who either assist us or learn from us - just like we might learn from them when they choose to interact with us; and we are compelled to think that their veiled observation of humanity has meaning and importance. To us, it’s an indicator that noone ever stops learning and maturing. After all, we will, one day, we could possibly find ourselves as angelic messengers and observers who, in some fashion, live vicariously through the lives of mankind.

Perpetual Spirit Observance
Through use of ghost and spirit communication, we have come to recognize that we always have spirits and ghosts with us. We’ve recorded too many voices of enlightened and unenlightened entities that, eventually, we reached a point where we no longer could doubt their existence or persistent observance and interaction. Ghosts and spirits might be our relatives, our friends or even strangers – they are there, whether we know them or not.

What Are Angels Able to Learn From Us?
Ghosts are spirits that have not, yet, transitioned from the earth plane, choosing to remain behind instead of moving forward unto another plane. Spirits are those who visit the earthly realm from another plane – a place we like to call “the light.” They are the angels we speak of in this writing. Both ghosts and spirits may communicate with the living and often do. This makes them “messengers” which, as mentioned, is the actual meaning of the Greek word angelos, translated in the Bible as angel. How interesting to know that others in spirit, messengers, are also watching us, observing our life experiences, and learning from our triumphs and seeming failures.

But Why? What is the Connection We Have with Angels?
You might be wondering how spirits might learn from us and why? I’m not sure we know the answer, fully, but we do have some thoughts to share. The value of this life journey, perhaps, for all of us, is to experience and learn that, deep down, we are love and we are one, bound to all. When we fall short of walking in this knowledge, we suffer from the disconnection we feel and some of the ill-advised choices we make. When we fail, we have lost sight of who we truly are and the inseverable connection to everyone and everything deep inside of us. Our life experiences reveal the truths we need to remember, for there cannot be shadow without light; and shadow reveals just how bright the light truly is. Those who watch us are able to see from a perspective higher than we are able to see – but they also need our experiences to be their own. Our lives act as mirrors to the visitors in the heavens. After all, we are connected and one, learning and growing together as one Great Spirit, or life-energy. What happens to a part of us, happens to all. We suppose you could say, "we are one with the angels..."


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