Angels of the Planets

Angels of the Planets have been believed by many religions, clear back to ancient times. Angels have been believed to have influence upon astrology, even coming from Jewish lore. However, assignments of angels to the planets vary, depending on what religion, or magical ritual one follows. The following single list has been created from the numerous lists of angels assigned to planets and luminaries:

Sun: Raphael, Michael, Semeliel
Moon: Gabriel, Aniel, Jareahel
Mercury: Michael, Zadkiel, Barkiel, Hasdiel, Raphael, Cochabiah
Venus: Aniel, Hasdiel, Nogahel, Raphael, Anael, Haniel
Mars: Samael, Gabriel, Madimiel, Zamael, Camael, Samael
Jupiter: Zadkiel, Barkiel, Zedekiel, Zachariel, Sachiel
Saturn: Kafziel, Michael, Sabathiel, Oriphael, Zaphiel, Cassiel

Note: The planets are the seven planetary bodies from the ancient world. Some of the spellings differ though they are the same angel (ex: Sachiel is the same angel as Zadkiel).

Source: The Encyclopedia of Angels by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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