Seeing & Talking to Angels & Spirits

Donna shares a story about her gift of seeing spirit beings through the use of dreams and visions...

When I was 8 years old (40 plus years ago), I began having visions and dreams.

They started with seeing my grandfather dying. My parents called me into their room after they heard me crying. Turns out my mother and I had the EXACT same dream. The phone rang 20 minutes later and her father, my granddad had died. I would have them about loved ones and friends being injured, accidents and dying. About 2 years ago I began to ask to make my gift to where I could help others rather than just prepare myself for a loved one being injured or dying.

Sure enough it happened. I'm able to speak to people that have passed on. I've contacted their loved ones and given them messages and validated it with something only the person that passed on and their family could know.

Then, I began to see the future. It's progressed to where I can call upon people that have died, which I do for family and friends.

I've also been visited by angels many times. However, they're not like people think. You can't tell if they're male or female for one. Secondly, they're in long flowing robe like garments that are the brightest white I ever seen. It's hard to describe just how bright white! They all speak with a very soft, gentle voice and you cannot tell if their voice is male or female as they all sound the same. They don't have halos!

Also, their facial features are non-descriptive - it's hard to explain. They have faces but it's difficult to actually see their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. People may think I'm insane, but it's true. I've had many friends and accquintances that have come to me as non-believers and I've been able to validate that I'm the real thing.

Due to nine brain surgeries, I lost my vision for three months.

My husband, a friend and I went to a historic cemetery in Front Royal, VA. I had Civil War soldiers appearing and talking to me. Spirits all over the cemetery were telling me their names and then talking and guiding me to their graves.

My husband video-taped everything, and I have medical documentation to prove I was COMPLETELY BLIND. There's no way I could've known over 100 names of people that had been dead for years and where their grave sites were!

One of the Civil War soldiers was upset because his tombstone, which was extremely old and worn out, said "Rich." He was upset because his name was Richard and that's what he was always called. He was quite upset about it!

I've been given this incredible gift and I don't take it for granted. I'm able to go into older homes, museums, etc. and see spirits and speak to them. I can see the rooms as they were 100 years ago. I've been very blessed.