Ghost Hunters Help

Ghost Hunters: Help with Ghost Hunting!If you want to ghost hunt and want to help, don't copy TV shows.

Many people do not realize the existence of ghosts until they experience something paranormal. TV programs, such as SyFy's Ghost Hunters and the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures have done a great job in bringing ghosts and ghost hunting to the forefront of the public mind in the early part of the 21st century. But, paranormal programs, such as these, have also created misconceptions. They have failed to provide real guidance and have sold out to producers who sell fear to the audience.


Helping Ghosts: How to Help Ghosts BookWatching ghost hunters investigate a home on television versus getting real help to deal with a ghost, and an active haunting, are two drastically different things. Ghost hunters on television (and the vast amount of paranormal groups who are copying their methods) are typically only trying to prove the existence of ghosts while the people troubled by ghosts remains still in need of assistance. The failure of ghost hunting TV shows is that, with most of them, the program ends and the haunting is not solved, the homeowner is still perplexed, and the ghost(s) continue to remain without help.

If you know ghosts exist, then it is time for you to up with your ghost investigation. If you have had the experiences that have confirmed that people who have died interact with the living, then you need to consider maturing in your ghost hunting work. What we mean by that is it is time to work to solve the cases of haunting that you come across and help the ghosts transition forward in life, their past and attachments to this world behind them. By helping ghosts do so, you will be bringing peace to the lives of the unseen and helping people on earth resolve their cases of haunting. 

The premise is this simple: help the ghost and the haunting will end. For more on this subject, see Helping Ghosts.