Free Ghost Hunting Downloads!

Free downloads we collected to help your ghost hunting...

We began scouring the Internet recently to find some cool ghost hunting downloads that you can acquire for free! Most of the downloads are of course software that you can use to work with ghost photos, ghosts EVP, investigation notes, etc. Angels & Ghosts makes no implied guarantees about third-party downloads, other than try them at your own risk, as many of them have worked well for us. Enjoy!

Free Software Downloads for Ghost Hunting:
Audacity Audio Editing Program - Edit audio files, such as EVP or ghost box recordings.

EVP Maker - Software generates raw audio that can be used to make EVP recordings (of ghost voices). Think of it as software that creates ghost box audio you can use to pick up spirit voices. - Free photo editing program is easy to use and works well in analyzing ghost photographs. (Download is at far right on the page.)

Irfanview - Free photo editing program used by some for adjusting pictures captured during ghost investigation.

Jpeg Snoop - Analyze the exif data and more with Jpeg Snoop to see if ghost pictures people send you are possibly faked.

More Free Computer Downloads for Ghost Hunting:
Helping Ghosts Audio - Download Chapter 3 of the book, Helping Ghosts, and listen to real ghost voices recorded and talked about in the book!

Free Ghost Hunting Log - Download a form to record investigation notes.