Ghost Hunters Equipment

A list of some essential ghost hunters' equipment...

Ghost Hunting EquipmentBasics of Ghost Hunting
Being a good ghost hunter, try and rule out natural causes for phenomena for most will be explainable. Ghosts are rarely seen, but usually are felt or "sensed." They are also detected by good ghost hunters equipment. Ghosts are simply disembodied people, and are interactive, conscious spirits detected by the ghost hunter's equipment as mists, orbs and energy (as they really appear). Residual energy, or a spiritual imprint left behind from the past, have been detected and may be seen as ghosts dressed in clothes (usually from another time period. It is of importance to note that some ghosts have been seen dressed in clothes, interactive and conscious - maybe projecting how they formerly looked in this world).

As a ghost hunter, one should never go alone, never trespass, never drink or smoke, and always make someone aware of where you are ghost hunting. One should keep an open mind, while first trying to find natural causes for seemingly paranormal experiences. Also, one should learn how to decipher true ghostly activity by knowing how ghosts in photos appear, and how to detect them with ghost hunters equipment. A good ghost hunter's equipment should be kept clean, straps removed, and fresh, extra batteries should be carried during the ghost investigation. One should know how to properly use ghost hunting equipment, such as EMF meters, cameras, video recorders, thermometers, etc. After the investigation, carefully study the evidence collected by the ghost hunters equipment.

Ghost Hunters Equipment
Below is a general list of equipment to use during ghost investigation. Of course, there is much more equipment available beyond this list.

  • Pen and paper - to take notes of your observations and experiences (computer preferred).
  • Flashlight - to see where you are going
  • Camera - digital or 35mm (full spectrum digital camera, preferred)
  • Infrared Sensor - to detect movement
  • Laser Grid - to detect ghost movement
  • EMF Meter - to detect electro-magnetic fields created by ghosts
  • Electronic Thermometer - to detect sudden temperature changes from ghost activity
  • Video Camera - provides another "witness" of activity to back-up other equipment (full spectrum preferred)
  • Audio Recorder - digital, to record EVP (ghost voices)

Vintage Ghost Hunter's Equipment - Inexpensive alternatives to round out the ghost hunting kit:

  • Compass - to detect changes in electromagnetic fields
  • Dowsing Rods - to detect ghostly activity and where ghosts are. Not all can dowse
  • Non-electronic Thermometer - to detect temperature changes, but will not do it from a distance
  • Infrared Burglar Alarm - can be used to detect movement and is less expensive

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