Ghost Hunting Equipment of Harry Price

Harry Price - ghost investigatorThe ghost hunting equipment used by famed ghost hunter, Harry Price...

With the abundance of technology today, such as digital cameras, video recorders, IR thermometers, and more, one might wonder what ghost hunters used during a paranormal investigation, before the advancement of technology and ghost hunting techniques. To answer that question, let’s take a look at what famed ghost investigator Harry Price developed in the 1930s.

Harry Price recommended starting with felt overshoes to soften the footsteps of the ghost hunter during an investigation. This way, paranormal activity would be easier to detect if the researcher moved about silently as possible. Flashlights with extra batteries, and candles were also standard items to be used when investigating ghosts at night. The candles would serve as back-up if the flashlights failed, and they were stood inside glass jars for safety reasons.

A notebook was also carried by Price to record every event immediately after it occurred. That way, the account would be as accurate as possible. Harry Price found it helpful to use chalk to mark areas of activity, so a comparison could be made between one event to another. This was especially helpful if an event occurring in the same area happened on a different day.

Harry Price also would use trigger objects to bait ghosts into interacting with him and his investigative team. These items could be anything that might cause ghosts to emotionally react and, thus, prove their existence.

Price was not without technology in his day, however. He also carried a camera loaded with Infrared film for night shots, and used a thermograph to attempt to record temperature changes in a room.

Some other items Harry Price recommended for good ghost investigation included:

  • Mercury in a bowl to detect tremors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sketch Pad
  • Tape and cord to seal off rooms to make sure no one entered to fake ghostly activity
  • Fingerprint brushes.
  • Sketch pad and drafting instruments to plot an entire house
  • Bandages
  • Portable telephone that worked between rooms to communicate with other investigators

Below are a few more traditional methods employed as ghost hunting equipment (also see some outdated gadgetry used for Ghost Equipment). For a more modern list of must-haves for ghost investigation, see Ghost Hunters Equipment. The following items can be somewhat controversial and may be considered of the occult or from fraudulent spiritualist origins by some ghost hunters. Some of these spirit investigation items would not have been beyond the reach of Harry Price and his team to employ. After all, Harry was well acquainted with psychic mediums of his day.

An Ouija BoardOuija Board - This piece of ghost hunting equipment was originally conceived as a game in the days of the spiritualist movement of the 1800s. There are many different types of talking boards, and they can easily be purchased at toy stores or online. Some believe Ouija Boards to be dangerous due to the possibility of opening up contact with "bad ghosts" while others herald it as a way for anyone to speak to the other side. Easy to use - but does the planchette move through use of the subconscious and your hands or do ghosts actually communicate through you, spelling out answers to the questions one asks? The talking board is still a mystery, even today.

An orb caught above the dowsing rods...Dowsing Rods - Also known as "divining rods." The art of dowsing has been around for a long time and has been traditionally used to locate underground water sources, unmarked graves and to determine the sex of unborn babies. No one knows how it works for sure, but it is down right accurate; especially with locating what one cannot see. Used as a piece of ghost hunting equipment, dowsing rods will point the way of ghostly activity and cross where spirits are said to be. (The photo shows an orb caught hovering above crossed dowsing rods.) Easy to use and inexpensive, dowsing rods may be something to test - but not all people can dowse. You just have to try it and see.

Various gemstones...Stones - Semi-precious stones, such as Jasper and Quartz, have traditionally been worn by ghost hunters as part of their ghost hunting equipment, as it is believed by some that Jasper wards off spirits by absorbing negative energy, while quartz cleanses and gives off positive energy. Black Tourmaline is also touted as protective and a psychic shield; while Hematite is believed to dissolve negative energy and transform it into positive energy.

Examples of sage for smudging...Smudging - White sage branches are widely used for "smudging," which is a Native American tradition in which the top of a smudge stick is lit and the smoke is then wafted around an area to be purified. Native Americans used sage smudge to purify: the mind, body and spirit before praying; the atmosphere; and to disperse negativity. Ghost hunters use it to purify homes of unwanted ghosts and paranormal activity.

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