Laser Grid & Ghosts

Using a laser grid in ghost hunting to detect shadow ghosts...

Recently on an airing of the ghost investigation television show called, Ghost Hunters, we watched the investigators set-up a “laser grid” in a hallway in order to detect movement. We first wondered if this idea might even work, but according to the paranormal teams who have used a laser light on a ghost hunt, they claim they work very well.

How the Laser Grid Can Detect Ghosts
The green laser is distributed through an optical glass lens which can be adjusted by turning it to scatter the beam into various patterns of light. By placing the green laser so it casts the user's preferred grid pattern of dots into the haunted environment, a video camera mounted on a tripod can be used to help monitor and record any movement within the laser grid pattern. This could prove extremely helpful in cases of haunting where moving shadows are prominent.

It seems shadow ghosts, due to their dark appearance, may better able to interfere with the laser grid pattern than other type of anomalies though it is possible that apparitions and moving orbs might also be detectable. Shadowed forms of people have often been witnessed stopping a flashlight from shining through them. We can only speculate on how such a dark shadow might behave within a laser light pattern. Ghosts can vary in the depth of darkness. Will the laser shine through some ghosts while stopping on the darker mass of others? Even though a ghost in its most visible manifestation might appear solid, it does not mean it will completely block out the laser grid lights when moving through them. However, we believe good videos of the green laser dots being disrupted by ghostly anomalies exist.

How to Use the Laser Grid to See Ghosts
As previously mentioned, we feel the best benefit of the laser is to detect movement. Therefore, it is important to use a tripod when video recording or photographing the laser grid. Otherwise, any slight movement of the camera or video recorder will show the laser dots in motion. The green dots themselves would not be moving, but the moving camera can still create the effect of motion. The power of the laser grid within ghost investigation is the idea that some of the dots might be altered while the rest remain stationary. Visual disturbances that might not normally be seen may now become visible. Be sure not to cast the grid on something that is potentially movable such as curtains or clothes swinging in a closet. The best bet might be to cast a laser grid to detect ghosts that typically travel down a hallway or across it while moving from room to room.

Note: We recommend using a lower-powered laser (5mW) that will cast plenty of dots and be less dangerous should a person or pet happen to walk into the laser light by accident. Lasers shining into eyes can do permanent damage - why not reduce the risk?

Where to Buy a Laser Grid Light
It's important to make sure you purchase a laser grid with a clamp in order to keep the laser's "on button" depressed. You can find the light with clamp at our Angels & Ghosts Store.