Ghosts: Singapore Theory

The 'Singapore Theory' can be used in ghost investigation to potentially elicit a response from an entity.

Singapore Theory: Ghosts & NostalgiaWhat Is Singapore Theory?

In paranormal investigation, Singapore Theory is a catchphrase for the use of nostalgia, creating an environment from a specific time era, to bring forth a response from ghosts.

This investigative technique could be as simple as using trigger objects, playing music from the past, or as complicated as recreating an entire room in vintage decor such as furnishings, curtains, clothing, etc.

Investigators may also choose to wear period dress while talking to the ghost with information, such as notable historic events, from their generation.

Why Nostalgia May Work With Ghosts

The idea behind using nostalgia, the past, as an investigative technique is to help bridge an emotional connection with ghosts. This ghost theory is not new and has certainly been used by parapsychologists for over a century.

True ghosts, disembodied human souls, remain behind with the living as 'earthbound spirits.' In other words, there is a reason they are here; and in most cases it would appear that reason is often a personal choice made by the deceased person. There is an emotional tie to this realm where they once lived.

An important bond that exists between the dead and the living are emotional memories. These time periods within our consciousness hold our feelings, emotions that may be important to work through or with. Understanding this can be a great tool for the investigator. Making emotional contact with a lost spirit as a way to communicate and help them is key. But it is important to understand that once communication begins, there is a responsibility to attempt to help the person in spirit find resolution - peace.

Connecting with Emotions: FEARFUL GHOSTS

Fear & Emotional GhostsWe have found that ghosts remain behind due to some form of fear, whether it be minute or magnified, recognized by the ghost or not (see Spirit Rescue). There is always a reason behind the haunt. Some ghosts want help and others do not. Some know they are lost; other ghosts have no idea. In all cases we have seen, some degree of fear (the ghost's, that is) will reside within the haunting.

Fear is an emotion; and it is often something most of us tend to bury by not wanting to face it. Ghosts are no different - they are sentient persons who feel and think. Find the fear and try to overcome it. That is the recipe to peace. 

Note: We have yet to track down the source of the name Singapore Theory as many heard it first when used by an investigator on the television show, Ghost Hunters.

Synonyms: Relative Time to Object Theory, Theory of Familiarization, Paranormal Stimuli


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