Ghost Tours in Canada

Looking for a ghost tour in Canada?

Ghost Tours of CanadaCanada has a history of haunting, and so, there are quite a few Canadian ghost tours one can enjoy. Below, we have collected a listing of some ghost tours and walks found within the provinces of Canada.

Ghost tours and ghost walks are guided tours where guests can learn about the haunted history of a given area. Catering to tourists, especially, ghost tours are a popular type of ghost hunting.

Canadian ghost tours and walks differ from ghost hunts in that they are a guided tour with stories of local haunts and not as terrifying as actual ghost hunting.

Stories of Canadian history, legend, and spectres are the highlight of a ghost tour. From Nova Scotia to Vancouver, those interested in ghosts and haunting will find enjoyment in masterful story-telling.

Canadian ghost tours are typically fun, entertaining, and can even be accompanied by children who are not spooked too easily. This makes ghost tours a family adventure, something very popular to tourists of Canada.

When visiting Canada, why not look up local ghost tour and give it a try. You may find it to be a spirited vacation adventure. The following are ghost tours found within Canada.

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Alberta Canada Ghost Tours
Edmonton Ghost Tours
Enjoy a ghostly walk through old Strathcona and hear true ghost stories...

Calgary Ghost Tours
Spine tingling walking tours that will entertain your guests and family.

Manitoba Canada Ghost Tours
Haunted Winnipeg Bus Tour
Travel by motor coach and learn of Winnipeg's haunted history...

Nova Scotia Canada Ghost Tours
Tattle Tours
Entertaining and informative ghost walks of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Halifax Ghost Walk
Ghost Tours Listings - CanadaThe oldest ghostly tour in North America...

Ontario Canada Ghost Tours
Burlington Ghost Walks
Ghost tour the city of Burlington, Ontario.