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Nashville Ghost Tours GuideIn 2005, we had the chance to hang out with Nashville Ghost Tours and had a great time visiting some haunted sites around the city with our tour guide. Below are some of the details and photos of the landmarks we visited. All stories were provided through their extensive research and with no embellishment.

The first place we visited was the Hermitage Hotel built in 1910. It has a rich history of visitors, including Presidents and celebrities.

Nashville: Hermitage HotelWe then heard about three hauntings within the historic hotel: the Room 910 ghost; the Lady in White who was found hung in the hotel; and the ghost of the beautiful woman who roams the bottom two floors.

The picture shows the front of the Hermitage Hotel and its doorman...

Nashville: Capitol BuildingWe then were taken to the Capitol building and heard the story of its construction and the two men responsible - and their hatred for one another. Would you be surprised to hear that many believe they haunt the grounds, today? Nice anomaly in front of the Capitol it light reflection or an orb (see photo at left)?

St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows was our next stop, and we learned about a priest who haunted this church (which was constructed on Halloween in 1847). The founder of this historic congregation was later "found" in the church...ugh.

Painter's Alley in Nashville, TNWalking a little further, we then heard the tragic story of a night club owner named "Skull," as we entered Printer's Alley. This place of bars and rowdiness has a notorious, riotous history. So, why would death surprise us? We won't ruin the story by telling it to you, but let's just say that some believe Painter's Alley is haunted to this day.

The last stop was Ryman Auditorium, former home of The Grand Ole Opry. Built in 1892, the Ryman was originally built as a church and later housed operas.

Nashville: Ryman Auditorium

Several ghosts have been seen in the former music performance hall, and many believe that ghosts of founding country music legends walk the stage, reminiscing about the great times they had there together.

Is the Ryman haunted? Photo shows some of us in the tour group sitting on the entranceway steps that night.


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