Best Ghost Tours: US & UK

We take a look at some of the best ghost tours around the U.S. and U.K!

We've listed some of the best ghost tours found in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and not just the top ten. We've included more than that! But let's first take a look at what makes up the best of the top ghost tours.

Best Ghost ToursWhat Makes a Best Ghost Tour?
Ghost tours and the idea of learning about ghosts (and potentially seeing a specter) draws customers. Great ghost tours combine the elements of solid historical research along with factual accounts of haunting and ghost sightings. This allows the novice (or even experienced ghost hunters) a fun and easy way to learn about ghosts.

Our listing of the best ghost tours in the US and UK have well-educated guides who shine in their roles - some of them even wearing period costumes while re-telling spooky accounts based upon solid research into local history. Both the history lesson and the tour guides, themselves, must be great to be the best of the best!

Best United States Ghost ToursBest Ghost Tours of the United States 
The following are noted to be some of the best ghost tours. We begin with U.S. ghost tours in no particular order:

Haunted History Tours (Ohio)
Sherri offers many ghost tours all year long and researches the history of her tour locations in-depth. She is always offering new tours with different experiences.

Ghosts of Gettysburg (Pennsylvania)
Author Mark Nesbitt has written some best-selling books about haunted Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. His ghost tours are quite popular. His battlefield, street, and bus tours run from Spring through Fall.

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine (Florida)
Voted #1 and the best of ghost tours by Florida Living Magazine, this ghost tours company features three ghost tours of one of the oldest cities in the U.S.

Chicago Hauntings Tours (Illinois)
Award winning ghost tour of the Windy City by Ursula Bielski, Chicago's reknown lecturer of haunted places, ghosts, and legends.

Ghost & Haunt Tours (Arkansas, Missouri, North Carolina, and Tennessee)
Featured on the Travel Channel, they have ghost tours in five cities!

Haunted Haight Walking Ghost Tour (California)
Winner of several awards, and offering a guidebook, map, and prizes on their ghost tour of San Francisco. This ghost tour is said to throw in the kitchen sink, making it one of the best around!

Haunted Vegas Tours (Nevada)
Everything can be found in Las vegas, and this ghost tour is one of the best. It is said that 21 locations have reported haunting activity in Sin City. This ghost tours is a must!

Ghost Tours of Key West (Florida)
Lantern-guided ghost tours of this small town by author David Sloan. Various television shows consult with them for the haunts of this Key. This party town was a favorite of Ernest Hemingway.

Best Ghost ToursGhost Tours of Galveston (Texas)
Dash Beardsley hosts this unique, two-hour tour of history, legends and ghosts.

Spellbound Tours (Massachusetts)
Located in Salem, the spooky city of witches, this best ghost tour is featured on the Travel Channel.

Appalachian Ghost Walks (North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia)
Featuring an innumerable amount of ghost tours located in three States, this tour company also offers multi-day haunted vacation choices.

New Orleans Ghost Tours (Louisiana)
Award-winning theatrical ghost tour of the legendary Big Easy.

Best Ghost Tours of the United KingdomBest Ghost Tours of the United Kingdom
The following ghost tours, located in the U.K., are reputed to be the best for a ghostly good time - worth every penny,, pound:

Haunted Chester Ghost Tour (England)
This ghost tour is said to be of one of England's most haunted cities. Tour and ghost hunt!

Oxford Castle Ghost Tour (England)
A former prison for a thousand years, this haunted ghost tour is a sure bet!

Derby Gaol Ghost Tour (England)
Ghost tour a haunted jail, or best investigate it on your own overnight!

Lancaster Castle Ghost Tour (England)
Sitting atop a hill, parts of this haunt are still used as a prison. Witches were hung here in the 1600s

Ghost Tour ListingsGhost Trail of York (England)
Yorkshire storytellers are said to be fantastic on this ghost tour!