Gettysburg Haunted Places

Gettysburg Haunted PlacesFinding haunted places to explore while in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania...

In 2011, U.S. citizens commemorated the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War. The battle between the North and South of our divided nation began in 1861 but eventually made its way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania by July of 1863. In honor of the sesquicentennial commemoration that will last four years (the war ended in 1865), we thought one way to remember the dead might be to share some of our favorite haunted places found in or around the small town. From the battlefields to the buildings, the following are some of the more renown of Gettysburg haunted places.

Devil's Den: Is it Haunted?Devil's Den
A cropping of huge boulders with crevices that men can walk between, Devil's Den was primarily used by the Confederacy for cover while Union snipers took aim from above them on hill known as Little Round Top. Being trapped, Confederate soldiers had no place to take the dead who were shot and were forced to leave them lying in the rock-walled paths they were moving within. Electronic equipment is said to malfunction regularly and many a solder apparition has been seen or heard in this infamous spot. Listen to voices we recorded near Devil's Den: Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost Voices.

Haunted Little Round TopLittle Round Top
The second highest hill south of town, it was held as a position by Union troops and key to winning the battle of Gettysburg. Confederate soldiers, taking cover at the rocks of Devil's Den and other positions around Plum Run were fired down upon from Little Round Top. Today, phantom soldiers are still seen on or near this rugged, steep ridge. Don't believe us? Then, see Craig Rupp's incredible Gettysburg Ghost Photo.

Sach's Bridge
General Lee and his army used the wooden, covered bridge to retreat from Gettysburg after being defeated. Many have reported hearing or recording voices near or on the 100 feet long structure. Being hidden and found off an old countryside road, Sach's Bridge has less visitors and might just be a great place to investigate. Ghosts can still be seen there, too. Don't believe us? Then, have a look at the Sach's Bridge Ghost Picture taken by our friends, the Spirit Stalkers of Ohio!

Farnsworth House: Haunted?Farnsworth House Inn
Used by Confederate sharpshooters, this house has at least 100 bullet marks on the brick exterior from Union soldiers firing upon the house. Rumor has it that it's a Gettysburg Haunted Places: Farnsworth House Inn great place for food, and well you guessed it, spirits. Built in 1810 and bricked in 1833, five of its nine rooms are said to be haunted. Check out the Gettysburg Ghost Photograph taken at the Farnsworth House Inn.

Jenny Wade House
Jenny Wade was the only civilian to lose her life during the Gettysburg battle. The home sits opposite of the Farnsworth House Inn, and still shows evidence of over 150 bullet markings on its exterior. One of the stray bullets, believed to have been fired from a Confederate, struck Jenny while baking bread for Union soldiers. The home has long been known for mysterious voices and noises. Some have reported seeing shadows that move as well as apparitions. View the Jenny Wade House Ghost Photo of, possibly, a soldier.

Weickert Farm & HouseGeorge Weikert House & Farm
Located where Sedgewick, Slocum and United States Avenues all come together, this beautiful Gettysburg stone home sits just north of Little Round Top. Six people were said to have passed in the parlor alone after it was later converted into a field hospital for the wounded and dying. The yard became a graveyard, and amputated limbs were tossed out windows. We can only imagine what haunted secrets the grounds might hold. (Be the first to report a haunting experience from the Weickert property...)

Of course, there are many more haunted places to explore within Gettysburg, and these were just a few that intrigued us of the many stories we have heard. Feel free to send us your recommended locations and stories of haunting at Gettysburg. If they are good enough, we just may post them for others to enjoy!