Louis Charles' Story

The Story of Louis Charles and Angels & Ghosts

Author, Louis CharlesWhat happened? Where did all this come from?

Louis became interested in the paranormal and spirituality after witnessing a miracle healing, manifested through prayer, when he was about 6 years old. Perceiving there was 'more than what his eyes could see' (due to personal conviction, paranormal, and spiritual experiences), he was eventually driven to explore ghost and spirit phenomena as an adult.

For many years, in an attempt to remain somewhat aloof, he went by several different names (LC, LC Duplatt, namely) during radio interviews and on websites. Due to the subjects Louis has chosen to explore, he preferred to stay anonymous, not looking to make his life public. For several years, he was persecuted for sharing his insights with people who were religously opposed to the idea of ghosts. He understands that every person has their own path to understanding and that, sometimes, it is best to allow people to seek answers on their own.

The Religious Years

In the latter 1980s, Louis became very devoted to biblical doctrines and study, eventually chairing a group of elders while teaching, ministering spiritual gifts, and occasionally, preaching within a local Christian church. Personal charismatic, spiritual experiences eventually led him away from organized religion, toward the pursuit of spiritual liberation and truth in 1997. Louis had found that some of his former beliefs no longer made sense when considered logically. It was at this time that metaphoric interpretations of the Bible were studied by Louis, finding them to be much more freeing than the fearful, traditional, fundamentalist doctrines of which he once subscribed and taught. This eventually led to his first book, Jesus Religion.

Angels & Ghosts Was Born

After writing many unpublished articles about what he considered to be spiritual insights, by 2003 Louis conceived of the concept for the website, Angels & Ghosts. The website would explore paranormal evidence, seeking to eventually reconcile it with his spiritual ideas. The website would allow visitors to consider the existence of spirit and how various spiritual and paranormal experiences might be related, maybe even occurring within their own lives. Today, Angels & Ghosts is truly an on-going project and continues to be updated with exciting new articles, photographs, potential evidence and experiments, monthly. A newsletter also is written monthly for subscribers by Louis. Today, he continues to experiment and study. And new for 2014, the modern and current Angels & Ghosts website for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone users went live!

Helping Ghosts - Louis Book Signing

Helping Ghosts Book

In 2007, Louis began researching and experimenting with new, ways for spirit communication. He was searching for relevant messages from the other side that could be helpful in freeing lost souls. He feels it very important for people who have died, yet have not moved on in their life journey, to be helped in their life journey - what some call "spirit rescue." It is Louis’ conviction that all of us are spiritually connected and one; no one remaining eternally lost or tormented forever in an eternal hell. One might think of ghosts as existing in such a state of suffering, This idea and series of experiments eventually culminated in Louis writing his second book, Helping Ghosts.

The Angels & Ghosts Store

During 2010, Louis began selling some of his modified ghost hunting equipment under the Fringe Tech label and through the Fringe Technology Ghost Hunting Store. By 2012, the Angels & Ghosts Ghost Hunting Store was launched as a place where paranormal equipment could be purchased by those who are also exploring the unknown. Today, the store continues to sell 'curious' items.

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