Faceless Figure Ghost

Dave W. from the United Kingdom sent us this very cool ghost photograph with a faceless figure. We examined the exif data, and it appears that the photo has not been tampered with. The angle of the faceless figure also matches the rest of the photo, telling us it was not a camera anomaly or malfunction. That makes this an intriguing ghost photograph!

"My wife and I have both been experiencing things in our house together and separately.

We have both been in bed at separate times and heard the other one of us speaking. For example, I was on a night shift, and my wife was at home in bed. She said she clearly heard me say, 'Babe' as if to wake her up. She woke up in a panic thinking I was home, meaning she was late for work. It was around 0500; I don't finish until 0830, and she doesnt start until 0730. I have been in bed and 'heard her talking to somebody' - she was over at a friend's house when this happened. We have also both heard our dog outside the bedroom door, only to find nothing there. The dog is penned up in the kitchen and can't get out at night. These haven't been particularly scary, just bizarre.

We have also both, again, together and separately, seen things out of the corner of the eye...just out of range of clear vision. My wife says she has been on the computer and swears somebody has been in the corner of the room. I, too, have had this experience and have tried to find out what it is (e.g, is it the light from the computer distorting our vision or causing shadows in the room?). No matter where the computer is positioned or what lights are on in the room, there always seems to be somebody in the same corner of the room (not clear, though, just a shape). It's slightly more upsetting for her and just frustrating for me because there does not seem to be a reason for it.

This is what really stays in my mind, though. I was sitting on the sofa, watching the tele (directly in front of me) with the kitchen door to my right and about 12ft away. Again, out of the corner of my eye, I saw somebody looking at me from around the door frame. Not just a dark shape, but the shape and colour of a head and shoulder. It wasn't even a feeling; I actually saw it. I turned to face it, and it's not there. At no point was there any movement from it, as in it didn't duck behind the door frame when I turned, or it didnt move to get my attention in the first place. My wife was at work, and my dog was at my feet. It was so natural that if my wife was in the house, I would of thought it was her and not given it a second thought."

We are stunned by this photo and think it might be the real deal. It's a wonderful ghost photograph!

Is the standing figure a ghost? You decide...