Polaroid Ghost Picture

"My mother gave me these pictures last year, and as I was looking through them, I discovered the spirits. I showed this picture to the rest of my family, and they could not believe it. We had never noticed this before? My other brother said he felt that the house was haunted that we lived in at this time. He said he saw a ghost (and so did I)."
- Believer in Spirits

"My brother was born sick - almost died of dehydration in 1968 when this picture was taken. I think my dad said he did die but was revived. The two baby angels in the picture to right I believe are there protecting my baby brother from a demon at left underneath the white cloud, (Looks like the cloud has a number 78 - my brother died in 78 at the age of 10.) waiting for my baby brother of I believe to be 7 to 8 months old to die. Also, at the same time I had a relative that was carrying twins around the same time. One was still born, and the other lived a few hours. I am not sure if these are the spirits of the twins that had died, or spirits for my baby brother. It was odd that these two incidents happened around the same time. My mother also had 6 kids and 4 miscarriages? Not sure if these spirits are from that, and they wanted to be part of the family photo? The photo was taken with a Polaroid by my mother, so it could not be double exposed..."

A Polaroid ghost picture is very intriguing because they are supposed to be impossible to use to create double-exposures without altering the camera to not spit out the image right away. So, we will assume this camera was not altered.

When we look at the ghost photo, we see multiple images of a two babies to the right of the baby that is being held. (Is it the same baby that was moved while the picture was being taken? We do not know.) Also, the arms of the brother and dad appear see-through in the photograph. Even more odd is the white cloud to the left and the face under it, peering toward the baby. And did we mention the chair also seems to have a woman's face in front of it. We also see what looks like another baby face above the white cloud. The more one studies this photograph, the more questions arise.

Is this Polaroid picture evidence of ghosts and spirits? You decide...