Swinging Bridge Picture

We received a very cool-looking ghost picture from Rhonda. It was taken in Calhoun, West Virginia:

"There is a swinging bridge my niece was on when she snapped this picture. 

In the photo are my two children, my niece, my mom and me. I can see three ghosts in this picture. I have an 8" x 10" of this beautiful photo." - Rhonda

The photograph taken from the swinging bridge is striking. The ghosts remind us of the ring-wraiths in the Lord of the Rings movie. However, we looked at the exposure time, wondering if we could explain what might have caused the awesome effect (if it were not ghosts). The flash setting on the camera did lengthen the exposure time to 1 second, making it possible that if the bridge was swinging, it could have created the ghost-like images next to the people when the photo was snapped. Whatever happened, we think the ghost photo is striking and just had to share it.

Were spirits with Rhonda and her family that night? You decide...