Animal Ghost Pictures: Golden Retriever Pup

Susan KC sent us this ghost picture of what looks like an old man's face and an animal face on the side of a headstone. The animal looks like a Golden Retriever puppy. Is it coincidence or a ghostly appearance?

"Not sure if you can use this, but I thought I'd send it along to your site. I was in the old Fort Boise Military Cemetery and was taking some photos of some of the graves. I was not looking for ghosts or anything of that nature. I do public blogs and on occasion, I feature an interesting place for public perusal complete with photos. After downloading the photos from my digital camera, I was very surprised to see this photo. What I see is an image on the side of the first headstone of a man and directly under his face, the image of what looks like a white golden retriever pup. I realize these headstones could be weather damaged, but I see the two images very distinctly."

The headstone with the image of the old man and dog heads on it. Are these just examples of anthropomorphizing, or did Susan capture an animal ghost with a male ghost? You decide...