River Dee Headless Torso

This ghost photo, taken in 1994, appeared in the Liverpool Digest due to it showing what may be a man without a head facing a showboat!

Snapped by the 'Lavenders' while at the River Dee in Chester, England, they claimed that they only noticed the headless torso after the film from the camera was developed.

Some have claimed it to be faked or staged. What is the truth behind it? No one has offered any proof, either way, as to its authenticity.

We wonder if the jacket is over the back of a chair, but that seems unlikely as we should be seeing the back of a chair behind the lady (at right), too.

Was the headless man part of the 'showboat' attraction? If so, we believe someone would have recalled that tidbit after the ghost photo became famous. And so, this ghost photo remains a mystery.