Mansion Apparition Ghost Photo

This real photo of a moving, misty apparition in a mansion hall was photographed by Tom Halstead of Missouri Ghosts.

Taken with a film camera, the spirit was said to have been seen traveling up the steps by the photographer before this picture was snapped. The entity also appears in the negative, making this photograph, perhaps, one of the best ghost captures ever.

Facts and Thoughts

This photo was snapped during a November 2005 ghost investigation using 35mm film. Further investigation of the area four months later concluded that the spirit form would have been approximately 5' 7" in height. We believe it was taken in Ballwin Manor.

What makes this ghost different? To us, the fact that is appears to be 'light bearing,' casting its own illumination as the human-like fog makes it way down the hall. Having a negative also is compelling evidence of its authenticity.

Further Notes

Sadly, we found out that Tom passed away in 2013.

He photographed some very incredible, compelling imagery from the spirit world. How Tom was able to capture such incredible moments in time remains a mystery to us. Perhaps, the team from Missouri Ghosts and Paranormal Task Force can tell us more. 

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(A huge thanks goes out to Terry Gambill and Greg Myers for the information shared on this page.)