Real Ghost Monk Apparition Picture

This controversial ghost picture was taken at a haunted Newby church in North Yorkshire, England by a vicar, the Reverend K. F. Lord in 1954.

The apparition picture appears to have a monk with hands folded in prayer and a ghastly face. Is the face covered with something to mask it?

More to the Story?

Lord thought he was snapping a picture of the church altar at Church of Christ the Consoler, Skelton-cum-Newby, Yorkshire.

The monk looks to be older than the building, from the time when monks were a common sight in England, hundreds of years earlier. Thus, the ghost would date to before the time of Henry VIII, who closed down all monasteries. That would mean this apparition, if indeed a monk, would would have to be from around the 1500s in our estimation.

The building where this photo was taken was only 200 years old, at the time of the photo, we learned. Could there have been another building in its place, prior? Also, why is this monk's face distorted - what does it mean, if anything? This specter looks more like a wraith!

Additional Notes About the Famous Ghost Photo

The dark entity was not seen by the vicar at the time the photo was taken.

Notice how abnormally tall the spectral figure appears in the photo.

To us, even though this famous ghost picture was taken by a minister, the robe and face look like a costume as if it was laid over top of the church altar by way of double-exposure. Is it a photograph of a real phantom? You decide.