St. Mary the Virgin Church Altar Ghost

Could this famous ghost photo reveal a former priest kneeling inside of St. Mary the Virgin Church?

The film of Gordon Carroll and David Hadsell recorded this white form with waist belt in 1964 at the Woodford, Northamptonshire church (in England). To their surprise, the grim figure did not appear in any other picture snapped that day. The ghost photograph was taken with the camera mounted on a tripod to eliminate camera movement.

Both young men were witnesses to the fact that nobody had passed in front of their camera when the photo was made. The film and photo were both inspected and proved not to have been double-exposed.

Some believe this picture reveals the late Reverend Owen who passed onward to his Lord in 1963. The Reverend was said to have worshipped at this altar quite frequently - maybe he was still doing so, a year later, after his death.