Dying Woman Ghost Picture

This famous and very old ghost picture was taken in 1907 and supposedly shows a dying woman- though it looks like a man. The gentleman who photographed the deathbed scene was the lady's husband, Dr. Baraduc of France.

During the deathbed scene, the anomalies in the photo were thought to be proof of the human spirit. The balls of mist or 'ectoplasm' that are floating across the center of the image, are they the soul of the woman at the time of her expiration?

The ghostly anomalies are circled in yellow. We are uncertain about the three white mists and what could have caused them if not faked. Are they indicative of her soul leaving or could they reveal a spirits with the woman who is ill and passing?

The white squiggly lines are a mystery.


Dr. Baraduc published a book he had written in 1913 entitled The Human Soul. He also claimed to have invented a device that could detect the energy of the human spirit (the biometer).

The original photo had the head to the left. Two of our photos apparently have been reversed.