Shadow Ghost Monk Photo In Graveyard

This now famous ghost photo of a graveyard shows a human shadow or ghost of a monk among the stone.  

It is not known exactly how the shadow monk appeared in the ghost photo. It appeared in the photograph after development and was not seen at the time the photo was recorded.

The picture was taken at night and the cemetery headstones were illuminated with floodlights in a haunted English churchyard.


After research, we found the monk ghost photo was taken in 1990 by Derek Stafford who visited St. Mary's Church in Prestbury, Gloucestershire.

He was apparently taking photos of back-lit gravestones when the anomaly was unknowingly recorded in one of his pictures. Locals believe it is the legendary "Black Abbot" ghost that walks the churchyard at night.

Interestingly, monks were said to have traveled on these grounds. Could this shadow be the specter of a religious man who still walks the grounds?

This photo was originally a color photograph with golds and oranges as the background behind the black stones. We were only sent a cropped, black and white version.