1929 Ghost Picture

A once famous but forgotten, until recently rediscovered, ghost picture that was taken by the late Robert D. Walsh at a mill in the United States was first published in 1929.

Angels & Ghosts is proud to have been selected to share this wonderful photograph of a phantasm - the lady appears to be looking downward, as she descends. It is an incredible photograph and story that we featured as our April, 2007 Ghost Picture of the Month.

"(The) photo is what was published local in 1929. Far as I know, it made no big impact at that time.

I now reside in the UK and just really needed to let you have this. Personally, I think it is genuine and probably one of the best I have ever seen for existence of life after death. (The) picture was taken in what was then called Fanham Wood Mill, in early January 1929, by builders aid Robert D. Walsh.

Mr. Walsh was renovating the inner staircase and needed a photographic aid to measure timber needed for the project (timber was expensive even then). Mr Walsh did not see anything other than the staircase and timber jointed roof, whilst taking the photograph, and he swears nobody other than himself and his dog were present. However Mr. Walsh did think his dog was being 'different' that afternoon, but he just thought it was because the dog was in a strange place (Note: Mr. Walsh did not say what he meant by referring to 'different.').

Mr. Walsh did renovate said mill several weeks later and says he did not see or hear anything unusual at all. The photograph was given to us by Mr. Walsh's great granddaughter who wishes to remain anonymous. Mr. Walsh died in November 1943, having sworn many times to the authenticity of the enclosed photo."

More Information
"The photo is actually better in my opinion than the picture you have. I do not have a scanner and so a friend took the original photo's picture with a Fuji camera.

I also have other photos that were taken at the same time, quite possibly on the same day; but I don't know for certain. These pictures are of mundane shots of the mill from inside. One of which also shows something 'odd,' but I cannot make it out. And it is not quite so exciting as the one I have already sent.

I must be open with you, at this point, and tell you the reason I am giving you this picture. I am now getting on in years and have no family to carry the name (I never married, nor had children), and I just feel I really owe it to my history to at least allow the name to go on in some form or, that maybe, the picture will help you with your findings.

When I was a little girl, my older sister (now deceased) always used to tease me that 'Sissy Breeze' would come looking for me if I was naughty. This was obvious reference to the picture I have sent you. It may be silly - I really do not know, but that reference is the only descriptive information I have ever heard with that picture and history in mind.

Needless to say I never saw 'Sissy,' thank heavens.

The stairwell and staircase in the picture is displaying an expensive rug on the floor, my father's great grandfather, I believe, acquired this through gambling!! Anyway I have that actual carpet in my attic now, and it probably is worth quite a bit."