Ghost Picture Of Girl In Wem Burning Building

This famous ghost picture of a girl who supposedly perished in a real burning building, Wem Town Hall, has circulated the Internet since the fire.

Shropshire had even become a 'ghost town' to tourists, of sorts, due to the publicity this fantastic ghost picture has created. The photo is more commonly known over in England as 'Wem Ghost.'

Tony O'Rahilly snapped the ghost picture in 1995 of what was believed to be school girl, Jane Churm, who had set the town hall on fire the first time back in 1677. Mr. O'Rahilly always insisted the ghost picture was authentic. He passed in 2005, claiming the ghost girl appeared in the photo when it was developed.

UPDATE: June, 2010

News broke about the Wem ghost girl photograph in 2010, proving that this famous ghost picture was a fake.

A postcard from 1922 was recently discovered by a 77 year old man, Brian Lear. It shows an old streetview of Wem with a little girl standing on the left side of the photograph. Her dress and hat appear to be identical to what the Wem Ghost is wearing in O'Rahilly's photo. It appears Tony O'Rahilly set out to fool the world. And, he did for 15 years.