The Watcher Ghost Picture

In 1959, the famous ghost picture known as "The Watcher" was photographed in Corroboree Rock at Alice Springs, Australia.

The ghost seems to be holding binoculars (which is where the photo gets its name) or a bottle. The site where it was photographed was often used for Aboriginal celebrations or spiritual rites. (One might imagine primitive tribal music and dancing having taken place here, many times.)

Upon looking closely at the figure, it appears to be a see-through female spirit in a long dress with long dark hair.

Look again - do you see binoculars, camera or a bottle in her hands?


A church minister was said to have photographed this ghost lady (or man).

Also, notice the Watcher's dress toward the bottom. It doesn't appear long enough when looking at the length of the torso, and the ground behind seems to be visible through the clothing.