Schneider Poltergeist Photograph

Famous photograph of a swinging chandelier is captured on a movie still at a building said to be haunted by a poltergeist.

In the late 1960s, moving objects and strange noises plagued a home in Bavaria Germany - the residence of Anne Marie Schneider, then, a teenager. The curious, ghost-like activity was said to only occur when she was inside the home or at her workplace! And the haunt at both sites was intense.

Did she make things move through psychokinetic powers? Could a ghost have been stirred up whenever she was present?


The lights in this famous photo (of a TV screen showing the paranormal video) were said to have swung on their own. Scary, supernatural activity was witnessed by 40-plus people during the investigation into the poltergeist haunting.

Prominent researchers from at least two different universities, a corporation and a government agency all studied the activity only to conclude an "unknown energy" was at play around the teenaged Schneider.