Ghost Photo of Nanna

An incredibly fantastic ghost photo that comes with a compelling account of what witnesses could see (or couldn't see) at the time.

Was 'nanna' (grandma) there with the little boy in this photograph? That is the question. Young Greg Maxwell could see her. He even pointed to where her visage was sighted by him.

Of course, no one else in the room could see the deceased granny except, that is, the eye of the camera.

Thoughts About the Nanna Ghost

One thing that is very interesting about this ghost photo, to us, is that the little two year old could see a human apparition of his grandma. 

The camera saw something, too. But what its eye saw was a white fog in the same spot as Nanna, something not recognizable as the grandmother.

Why do some ghost photos only show partial glimpses of spirit, while other photographs occasionally expose full disembodied beings? Is due to the frequency of light where ghosts and spirits make their appearance? Or could it be how open a person is to spirit encounters that may also play a factor? We just don't know.