1891 Apparition Ghost Picture

If you look closely, this famed ghost picture shows the apparition or ghost of a man sitting in a chair.

The famous ghost photograph was taken in 1891 by Sybell Corbett at Combermere Abbey in Cheshire, England. It is believed to be of Lord Combermere who possibly returned to visit his library.

The camera was set up in the large room and left to record the area for about an hour. Older cameras with plates took a while to record images. When the photograph was eventually developed, the spirit of a man was noticed in the photo. Learn more about the story of this famous apparition ghost picture: Lord Combermere Ghost Picture.

Very few people were in the house when the picture was captured as the Lord himself was being buried during the time the pic was snapped.

However, had anyone entered the room and sat in the chair for a few minutes (such as a sneaky, prankster maid or butler), an image like this would have been recorded.

The family's butler didi insist that no one had entered the room during the timed exposure, but who knows if he was watchful the entire hour.