Borley Rectory Ghost Pictures

Borley Rectory was built in 1863 in Essex, United Kingdom, on the grounds of a former monastery from the 1300s that was believed to be famously haunted by a ghost monk and nun who had fallen in love.

Was Borley Rectory really the 'most haunted house in England' as claimed by ghost investigator, Harry Price? (For more about this famous haunted story, visit Borley Rectory.)

Ghost investigator, Harry Price, investigated Borley Rectory extensively in the latter 1920s and 1930s, supposedly witnessing extraordinary paranormal phenomena, including the movement of objects. We say 'supposedly' because Price's claims would later come into question after it was proven he made false claims about Borley Rectory.

About the Ghost Photos: Are They Evidence of Haunting?

The Borley Rectory burnt down in 1939.

Afterward, a ghost picture of a floating brick was photographed amidst the ruins by a reporter while Price was there (among others).

Also, the monk believed to be hanged for falling in love with a nun was possibly photographed in the graveyard on the grounds of the rectory. Both ghost pictures appear on this page.

Writing on walls within the rectory were claimed to be strange messages from ghosts. These would later prove to be a handwriting match to one of the home's residents.