Ghost In Car Famous Picture

This famous ghost picture has a lady's mother in the back seat of a car. The only problem is she was deceased and presumably a ghost when the photo was taken.

Photographed back in 1959 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England by Mabel Chinnery who was snapping her husband after visiting her mom's grave. This spot in the car, where the old lady's specter appeared, was said to have been her favorite. Maybe, she came to visit her own grave with the Chinnerys?


Some say this famous ghost photo has an intriguing story when examined. 

Critics point out that the head of Mr. Chinnery is too large, the placement of the ghost in the seat is too far forward to be sitting on the cusion, and the far windows and pillar seem either out of place or too big. These speculations lead some to believe it was put together by way of a double-exposure, making two photos into one by some sly photography expert.

Real ghost photo or not, it has a great story. You can ponder it and see what you notice (if anything) amiss.