Choir Loft Ghost Picture

A ghost appeared in the choir loft of St. Botolph's Church in London, England.

Chris Brackley photographed the church in 1982, unwittingly capturing what some believe to be the spirit of a woman or former priest. The ghost appears to be wearing either a long robe or a dress.

Here is the ghost picture along with a close-up of the ghost figure. What do you see?

Look closely at the upper right loft - a ghostly, robed figure stands in the balcony.

Two close-ups of the choir loft ghost: one in color and the other enlarged and in black and white.

Is the ghost a male or female? To us, the high collar looks more like a priest's robe than a lady's dress. Study the ghost photo and decide for yourself...


The ghost photo was taken while setting up to shoot a wedding. It was taken with a camera mounted on a tripod and the exposure was lengthened to 10 seconds due to the lower light environment.

Slow Shutter Speed Apparitions
We have seen many ghosts appear in photos by lengthening the exposure time. Perhaps, this increases the chances of securing the spirit form or, maybe, the increased time allows for the apparition to be made better manifest in the picture. If you try this with ghost photography, we recommend using a tripod and ensure no one can walk into frame while doing it.