Bachelor's Grove Ghost Picture

Legend has it that Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois is very haunted due to victims of murder having been dumped there by gangsters. Founded in 1864, Bachelor's Grove is also famous for a ghost picture that was taken there in August, 1991 by Jude Huff-Felz of the Ghost Research Society.

The ghost photo from Bachelor's Grove was said to be taken with Infrared film. The ghostly image of a woman is in black and white, sitting on a checked monument. Investigators claim she was not visible at the time the photograph was snapped. The location in Bachelor's Grove of the stone in the picture is near the south entrance.
To date, no one else has captured this ghost lady of Bachelor's Grove in photo or video; and it is likely to stay that way as the cemetery is now completely closed to the public - trespassers beware.

Thoughts About the Famous Ghost Photo:

The woman and dress are believed to be somewhat see-through. Her clothing seems more vintage than anything recent.

Because this ghost photo appears all over the Internet today, we thought we would take a closer look at the Bachelor's Grove ghost picture that has captivated so many. Having a solid background of witnesses who were there, this ghost picture has stood the test of time to make it a part of pop culture. Some have even dubbed the female, "The Madonna of Bachelors Grove."

We don't have the original to examine, but those who have seen it say the feet seem to disappear into the grass and that they can see through the body of the ghost woman. However, we are unable to verify this from the photo we acquired. The ghost picture looks very surreal, being a black and white Infrared image. The heavenly-look, coupled with the minimal contrast of dark to light, might make this person seem translucent -- ethereal.

Still, it's an incredible ghost picture with a great story...