Hampton Court Palace Ghost Picture

Closed circuit security cameras at Hampton Court Palace in London, England caught this supposedly real famous picture of a ghostly figure in period dress back in 2003.

Hampton Court Palace was built in 1525. Stunned employees at Henry the VIII's grand castle do not know where this spectre came from or who or what it was.

Security personnel checked the closed circuit TV (CCTV) footage, allegedly, to find out who kept leaving one of the palace's fire doors open. They were said to be shocked to find a ghost or apparition on the footage.

The Hampton Court Palace ghost has been nicknamed "Skeletor" by people who have seen the video.

Hampton Court Palace Ghost Debunked?

Supposedly, the palace doors had been opening on their own and without a visible ghost or person doing it until the CCTV clip surfaced. Palace workers 'swore' they did not hoax the video. However, experts who have studied the ghost clip have agreed that the spectral form seems less ethereal and more like a person donning a robe and mask while flawlessly operating a fire door.

If you observe the video closely, you can see lighter colored shoes on the ghostly wraith. And this dark spirit seems to be without powers as he relies heavily on the door handles to get them open. And did we mention the phantom at Hampton seems more like an elaborate costume (notice the robe trim) than a real disembodied entity?

Why would anyone want to fake the Hampton Court Palace ghost, you might wonder. The motive to promote a haunting could be this simple: tourism. Wouldn't you find it more desirable to pay a visit to a castle that offered visitors a chance at having a supernatural encounter? We think so.

Is it a ghost at Hampton Palace or just a tour guide in sneakers? You decide if this famous ghost photo (or video) is real.