Ballwin Manor Ghost on Stairs

This 'Ballwin Manor ghost' was photographed on the stairs during an investigation by Missouri Ghosts photographer Tom Halstead.

It's an incredible apparition picture that many have not seen, though it has been extensively investigated.

Taken with a tripod-mounted, digital camera, the photo shows energy flowing up the stairway and bannister. But look more closely and you will see a leg and boot on the bottom step!

During the investigation, Tom had the camera set-up (in the foyer) to take a photo on its own, one per minute. We believe this investigation took place about ten years ago.

The team reviewed the shoes worn by everyone in the home that night, and no one was wearing this type of boot. And, the human form, what is visible of him, seems shorter in stature than the investigators.

Additional NOTES

Sadly, we discovered that gifted spirit photographer Tom Halstead passed away in 2013. 

Also view the Mansion Apparition Photo we believe was taken at Ballwin Manor also.

(A huge thanks goes out to Terry Gambill and Greg Myers of Paranormal Task Force for the information shared on this page.)