Ghost Hiding Behind Lady

Ghost picture reveals an unaccounted for woman hiding behind the lady in the foreground, barely visible. It's as if they are standing side by side, but no one else was there with them that day.

"(This photo was) taken a few years ago at the Lake of Tears in North Ridgeville, Ohio. After the photo was taken, they noticed a woman behind the lady who wasn't present while the photo was being taken. The bag is not hers." - Chris C.

More Behind the Ghost Photo

"The person that took the picture is my mom, and the person in the picture is my Aunt Sue.

I really don't understand it. She takes pictures and seems to come across weird things. She lives in kind of a bad/poor area in Akron where I'm sure those homes are around 100 years old. I live within maybe 5 miles, or so, and my house was built in the '20s.

(Also) I attached a chat pic and some other orb type of pic. I'm not sure if I really believe in that stuff though." - Chris C.

"When I first saw the picture, I just couldn't believe it. It was scary and it still is.

My aunt says it is her mother... She's been gone since 2001. The lighting in that shot is incredibly weird - it's almost a glow. I think my aunt kind of attracts that kind of stuff because she always catches something with her camera.

I don't see how it could be any kind of defect in the camera. She said it's just a cheap-o Kodak. I've been trying to figure out which model and year it is. She is incredibly nice, funny and down to earth and my mom, who took the shot, is the same. This shot has been around for a while and still intrigues me." - Chris C.