Shadow People on a Hill

Incredible photograph of what is believed to be shadow people standing on a hill in a forest beside water...

Photographed by the late Tom Halstead of Missouri Ghosts, the "Zombie Road Hillside Ghosts" (as they call them) are a dozen figures standing at night on the hillside. The investigative team went back during the daytime and found nothing on that hillside that could have possibly produced those dark figures.


Three of the Missouri Ghosts team investigated the Zombie Road location during different trips.

Not seeing the shadow people on the hill when the photo was taken, they would later return during daylight to snap some comparison photos of the hill where the forms had appeared.  Astoundingly, the comparison photographs prove that nothing in the wooded area could have naturally produced the shadowed heads and torsos.

The team would also photograph inexplicable white mists (that were not human breath from the investigators), record a cold spot and undergo the tossing of a gravestone at them by an invisible entity.

Local Lore the Key?

Local lore suggests that the location is haunted by some teens who had died in a car wreck there. However, this would not account for the seemingly large number of shadow persons on the hill.

We wonder if there could be Native American history attached to the site: could native peoples from hundreds of years ago still haunt this location for some yet-to-be discovered reason?

To us, this photo might prove how 'not alone' we are - that human spirits are with us more than we might care to know.

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(A huge thanks goes out to Terry Gambill and Greg Myers from Missouri Ghosts and Paranormal Task Force for the info and permission to share this ghost photo.)