Mental Institution Ghosts

Psychiatric hospitals, mental asylums, have long been rumored to have higher haunted activity. Dionne from Ghosthunting Nederland sent us multiple ghost photos from their investigation of such a place in Holland.

"This shadow man (and other photos of ghosts) was captured in a Dutch mental institution." - Dionne Queen and friends from Holland

Photo 1: Shadow Man Captured in Dutch Mental Institution

"My friends and I felt something weird and strange behind us so we quick snapped this photo. This is one of the most bizarre photos we have taken while we went inside and walked the hallways. You can clearly see his bag next to his feet and his hat, his face is a little grey."

Photo 2: Static Breeze / Ghost Mists

"We felt some static breeze in our faces. I held my hands above my head and asked for any connection between us and the spirits which maybe were present there. And after my friend snapped the photo, we could see the 3 orbs/balls of mist. We didn't see it with our own eyes - we just felt the static at our faces and my hand."

Photo 3: Mist to Apparition?

"After we were touched by the three orbs/balls of mist, we asked if anything was there with us, if maybe it would take a picture with us. So after we had asked that question, our friend took several photos of us; and in one photo, this full-bodied apparition was standing between us."

Photo 4: Dark Energy?

"This photo we can't explain as it seems there is a lot of dark energy manifesting in the doorway further in the hall.
Seems like a shadow figure is trying to manifest."

Publisher's Note
Are these ghosts too good to be true or real evidence of haunting, great captures of the camera? Some have noted that these pictures could easily be recreated with photo-editing software. That is very true. So, we will not render a decision, for or against their authenticity - we'll allow you to make up your own mind after examining them yourself.