Wedding Shade Photo

Jennie sent us a startling wedding photo showing a shadow ghost or shade, we believe. Take a look...

"So we looked at our wedding pictures for the first time and ran across this picture. If you look on the top left, it looks like an eye glowing with something with a long nose and wearing a black cape or robe. Nobody at our wedding was in black and none of the other pictures have anything like this in it. If you can give us some insight, I would appreciate it. The pictures were taken from a professional camera also." - Jennie

Our Thoughts About the Wedding Ghost Photo

We believe this photo was taken inside of a church.

Despite what some people may think, churches can be haunted by past members or even the clergy - not in a bad way, though. It's common to experience paranormal activity at religious places from people who might seek solace at the site or during events and celebrations. These people would be ghosts from the perspective that they have yet to move on in the life journey and have remained behind with the place and people that make them feel at ease.

We suspect you might have captured a shadow, or 'shade,' a black vaporous manifestation of a ghost within the wedding shot. It's something to be intrigued by but not feared. We might simply consider that others unseen were at this wedding.

Here is another, similar photograph for comparison:
Church Window Shadow Ghost