Black Shadow Figure of a Man

Smartphone screenshot photo shows the black shadow-like figure of a man in what looks to be a living room. Is it a ghost?

Laura Urbin sent us this picture that she did not see when taking it. She assures us it is not Photoshopped, and we do not believe it is either.

We received the original shadow photo after posting it and added the pic, showing more of the room, along with a close-up to this page.

Looking closer at the form, we had to ask to see if there was anyone else in the room at the time and why the photo was taken. Here is more details from Laura:

"It was just me in the room. I have had bad neighbors practicing witchcraft on me. When I took the photo, it was for my move out to get my security deposit back. I did not see the dark shadow (at the time the photo was taken). Like I said before, this shows up afterward in the pictures. This thing has followed me to my new place too!" - Laura

We can see from the original photograph that it was taken with an LG smartphone using 'normal' settings - but we cannot tell the exposure time (set to 'normal'). It was not altered, nor was it a deliberate attempt at creating an apparition through lengthening the time the shutter was open.

Hopefully, we hear back from Laura to learn more details about the exciting image!