Amityville House Ghost Photo

An unknown mist appears outside of the famous, haunted Amityville house. Is it a ghost?

"I visited the Amityville house with my friend. I'm from Ireland and had lived in England at the time. Can't explain the white mist. There was nobody about and we don't smoke." - Keitho Dunleavio

Thoughts About the Ghost Photo

A very intriguing ghost picture taken in front of the iconic Amityville home is not easily explained (as to what may have caused this vapor).

In fact, the mist seems 'thick,' much more so than common mists associated with warm breath. It does not have vapor trails consistent with cigarette smoke, either. Even though it is getting dark, assuming the photo was taken in the evening as the sun was setting, the mist does not appear to be a natural fog.

Unfortunately, the photo is not clear enough for us to tell more. Great capture!