White Cloak Ghost Picture

Is she being spied upon from another room by a white-cloaked ghost?

"I would really like some feedback on the ghostly figure I can see in the background. In the back room, it looks like a woman in a white cloak, is this a ghost or a camera glitch?" - L from the UK



The age of the 'selfie picture' has created a whole new type of ghost photo. Countless women are seeing things behind them, and this pic from the United Kingdom is a wonderful example. Is it a ghost peering out or a just a wall pattern that looks humanesque?

While the female, white cloak image is very striking, it is possible for wall patterns and shadows to produce shapes that appear ghost-like. The only way we would know for sure is to take another photo from the same angle, same time of day, and using the same lighting for comparison. If the ghost is still there, it is likely 'matrixing;' if the ghost is not in the doorway, to us, that would indicate we are truly observing something paranormal. 

(We've requested a control photo for comparison. If we receive it from her, we'll update this page.)