Bowing Ghost Child?

Holiday photo puzzles a UK family and friends...could the bowing child in the background be a ghost?

"We took this photo of John (my friend's husband) on Christmas day after his daughter painted his face in make-up. On reviewing the photos, we noticed what looks like a child in the background in both pictures.

There was no other child of that appearance in the house. We have all looked, and this is nobody we know. Can you help?" - Angela


We have more questions than answers with this photo. Here's what we mean.

When examining both photographs, we can see the reflection of a lady in the glass, right side (most likely the photographer), along with the child to the far right 'bowing' or begging her for his attention (typical behavior of kids on Christmas morning, wouldn't you say?). So, this does not seem out of place to us. We can only assume, based upon Angela's word, that there wasn't another child in the home wearing similar clothing as the ghost. (We have requested other photos from that same day to see if we can find out what other children in the house were wearing for comparison. If we get them, this page will be updated. Comparison photos are always helpful.)

At first glance, in one of the photos of the bowing child, it looks like the figure is transparent. But this effect is also seen with the lady's shoes, so we cannot jump to the conclusion that the boy is, indeed, a see-through apparition. With glass and photography, odd effects can be produced. For example, you might have noticed what appears to be two cans (or cups), possibly sitting on a nearby table, appearing overtop of the boy. So, glass reflection is also a factor in these ghost photos.