Insurance Adjuster Ghost Photo?

Insurance adjusters take photos of a home and see a monster or ghost inside of the windows. Is the entity (scary figure) real?

"My father and I are both insurance adjusters. We got called to Louisville, Kentucky a couple years ago to inspect hail damage.

While we were taking our standard elevation pictures, we saw some very creepy looking figures standing in two of the windows. Naturally we went inside and talked with the owner thinking they were cardboard cutouts from Halloween or something. However, the owner seemed just as terrified as we were when we showed him the images. He also noted that his two dogs will never go near the rooms that were captured." - Simon B.

"These have not been Photo-Shopped or altered in any way, shape or form. Please take a look and let me know what your opinions are because I'm a natural skeptic and these...stumped me." - Simon B.

Our Thoughts

We cannot help but be skeptical with these photographs. The form in the window looks like a dressed skeleton, to us. And even though the figure is definitely behind the glass and the reflected trees seem to float through it, we believe this effect is a trick of light.

So, our natural question was if our insurance adjusters were allowed inside to check out the room(s) in question?

"We actually did inspect them (the rooms); there was no trace of anything like that in the rooms. I naturally thought he was playing a prank of some sort on us insurance adjusters, but there simply wasn't enough time for him to remove the props from the time we took those pictures to the time we rang the doorbell." - Simon B.


If we were to place a bet on the validity of this ghost photograph, we'd put our money down on the owner of the home being a prankster. It is plausible that he has a fun time with this setup, maybe even allowing people to see the rooms (in other words, it might not be the first time he has done this and has his ruse well figured out). The frightening form in the window appears too Halloweeny, skeleton-like, and not something emanating from the ghost world, in our opinion.

What do you think?