White Dress Lady Phantasm

This superb phantasm photograph, taken by Cindy Douglas, shows an unknown lady donning a white dress!

"Look all the way down the hall into the bedroom closet area. A full apparition of a lady in a white ruffled dress. I personally took this picture in my home as I felt something looking at me. We were having major paranormal things constantly happening, so I sat my Sony Cybershot next to me to attempt to catch something on camera when I would experience something odd."  - Cindy Douglas

"This night I was watching TV in the media room upstairs and 'felt' someone looking at me. I said, 'Hey, I know you're there so I'm going to snap a photo of you on the count of 3. Do NOT scare me or be close to me! Ok, 1-2-3.' This is what was looking at me apparently! Freaked me out.

It's (the ghost photo) incredible, really, and if I hadn't taken that (pic) myself I would be suspicious."

The Complete Story Behind the Haunting

from Cindy Douglas

"As far as the activities (that took place) in that home, we had so many I literally need to just sit down and concentrate on that being as though there were things constantly happening to all of us. My oldest son saw them coming from his closet upstairs and chose to sleep on the sofa downstairs for nearly every night for the 6 years we lived there. Here are a few (of the experiences) from the top of my head.

When I had three mediums come over to 'cleanse' the house, as we were standing in the guest bedroom and one of the mediums looked over my shoulder and focused on something, then asked me, 'Does anyone see them coming out of that bedroom (meaning my oldest son's room)?' I said, 'Yes, that's exactly where he sees things.' He said, 'Yes, because a male just walked out of there and stopped to look in at us; then he realized I could see him, and he went that way (toward the room in the picture or the bathroom next to that or down the hallway I don't know).'

You asked about the lady in the photo - I have never seen her. She looks like she's in a '70s style dress, though. I had an older lady telling me various things in real time, i.e. opening my bedroom door and saying 'get up' when I was laying in bed too long (couldn't see her but heard her clearly). She said 'very good' behind me as I won some video game I was playing. Several times, doors would completely open but not bang on the wall...like one opens a closed door to walk through. When I fell asleep in the media room to take a nap, I awoke to find the surround sound OFF to make it quiet, TV was still on. This happened two specific times close together. I actually went to my son and said thank you for turning off the sound while I was npping, and he looked at me strangely and replied, 'I didn't turn anything off.'

While sitting in that same room one night, while my husband was still at work, I heard a loud mans voice yell 'AHOY!' on the stairs. My three dogs went ballistic and stood at the top of the stairs barking in a tizzy until I came around the corner and turned on the stair lights. Then they stopped and were acting nervous but not focused on anything anymore. Another time, this (same thing) happened to my dogs at the bottom of the stairs, except I heard nothing; but my dogs were growling and barking warnings up the stairs, all three of them, until I walked out of the offfice (which was at the bottom of the stairwell).

There was constant hitting or banging on the fridge or wall especially if I got up in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen - and constant touching, tapping on me. Oh yeah, I was sitting in my husband's recliner with my oldest son laying on the sofa next to me when I literally felt a hand going under my rear end. Right then, my son said, 'Mom, did you hear that?' I didn't hear anything, but a man had said my name, 'Cindy,' at that exact moment.

Another time I was looking for my oldest son (lots of things associated with him...hmm), and I thought I had just seen him. So I started talking to him but got no response. I looked around and said, 'Cameron, where are you?' Puzzled, behind me, I heard his voice say, 'I'm right here.' Naturally, I turned around but didn't see him. I turned the corner and said, 'Where?' I knew he was previously outside with his dad, loading some things, so I thought it weird (he would be inside) and that he must've went back outside right away. So, I looked out into the garage where they were still loading. I walked out there and said, 'Cam, were you just now in the house (I knew he couldn't move that fast, and I didn't hear the door open and close but was puzzled).' My husband answered, 'No, he's been out here helping me.' I re-asked and confirmed he hadn't left that spot. Something had pretended to be him.

Another time, the same son, again, came to me wondering where an item was; and I told him it was in my bathroom downstairs. Only a few seconds later he comes tearing up stairs and says, 'MOM, THERE'S A HUGE BLACK FIGURE IN YOUR BATHROOM!!!' He said it was very black, very very large, and he couldn't see any features. It scared him.

Another time I was Skyping with a friend, and I saw my friend focus on something behind me. He said, 'Cindy, I just saw a man at your office door there; then he disappeared.' He described him as very tall with a 1950s hat and trench coat, and he was looking down. He stopped at the french doors (with glass panes). I got up and looked around my house, anyway, but there was no intruder.

Then there was the blonde guy (think he was a guardian angel). I was praying repeatedly to watch over us and protect us. At one point, I asked to see my guardian angel. Not expecting that to happen, I believe it did. Again, I was barbecuing with my oldest when he was outside tending the grill. I was in the kitchen facing toward the living room/master bedroom; and as I looked up, I caught a glance of a very tall blonde-haired man wearing a white shirt, cowboy belt and denim. His expression was gently smiling at me. I wasn't scared at all. However, I kept it to myself. About two days later, I was pulling up to an office complex that has a clear reflective glass/mirrored look- both sons and I were in our Armada truck. My sons opted to sit in the truck with the engine running and doors locked since I was just grabbing paperwork from my dermatologist. Afterward, I came back out and Cameron said, 'Mom, there was a man leaning on the truck when you went inside.' I said, 'What?!' He said, 'Well, I could only see him in the reflection but not right here; he was right here (next to his door). I said, 'You mean he was leaning on the top of THIS truck? Were you scared?' He told me no and described him. He said he had blue jeans on, a white shirt and a big buckle - he was white with blonde hair. I then confessed I had seen the same guy.

By the way, we don't live there anymore; and even though I still have the occasional thing happen to me in my new home, it's nothing close to the other home. That home was built on the lake in 2006, and we were the first to live there. The house is in Frisco, Texas. I'm thinking there may have been a graveyard there way back when, something a Catholic priest was thinking actually, and that sort of makes sense."