White Sheet Ghost Picture

Flowing sheet or hair-like photographic anomaly in this picture is baffling...ghost, spirit or something natural?

"Spirit guide? Don't know what this is and can't explain it. Interesting to say the least. We checked and double-checked through all the other photos that were taken during this time of random photo taking; unfortunately, there was nothing in the other shots to go off of - just the two boys standing on the back of the truck, and photos of ourselves enjoying New Year's night celebrations." - DB

"The picture was taken using a Samsung smart phone. It threw us for a bit to catch something so big and solid-looking. It's just too unrealistic to take seriously, right? We all think it looks like a lady with long, white flowing hair. Zooming in on it resembles somewhat of a face, and its form is all smokey and pillowy-looking around the edges."

Our Thoughts
This photo looks like the boy is swinging a sheet or mesh netting forward with two hands, but the white anomaly is too see-through to be the case (in our opinion). Is it a ghost or spirit? We are not sure what we are looking at...