Creepy Crawler - Ghost Photo?

Is something creepy on the floor behind her husband? Take a look at this ghost photo we received from Ruth Maxwell.

"This picture was taken in my hallway when my son's toy was going off on it's own. There was nothing else in the hall at the time - it looks like a baby..."


Background Behind the Photo

We had to ask some questions to gain perspective on the photograph to understand more of what we were looking at, so we posed the following questions to Ruth about her photo:

  • What is in the center of the hallway - it looks like boxes or a cart?
  • Who is standing at the end of the hallway (looks like an adult)?
  • Where was your son at the time the photo was taken?
  • Do you have an animal in the home such as a cat or dog?

And here is more information we received back from Ruth about the photo and what was there when it was taken:

"The thing in center of hall is a baby walker; the adult in the hall is my husband. My son was away at his gran's at the time, and we do have a cat; but she wasn't in the hall when the picture was taken (...she is big long haired and black). I took this (photo) myself, so I know there was nothing there. That's why I was so baffled by it."

Thank you Ruth for providing additional details. It's definitely a strange image, and we have no idea what this creepy crawler could be. Ghost or no ghost? You decide...