Yosemite Indian Village Ghost?

If you examine this photo closely, there is a shadow form to the right of the young girl. It is not her shadow and seems out of place...

"We were on vacation with my kids at Yosemite National Park. While visiting the Indian village and cemetery, my kids roamed around exploring and asking questions.

They took pictures all around, but the baby (1-1/2 years old) was a little slow to move to the next thing. I silently watched as she wandered into the wood building and sat on the log and appeared to babble at something. I took pictures of her, then told her to come out and catch up to her sister.
" - N.R.

"This (our trip) was two years ago. I didn't review most of the pictures. As parents would know, some things you just don't ever catch up with.

The 'Timehop app' is great to review what you did on this day, so and so years ago. While viewing those thumbnails (using Timehop), I saw an oddity - a darker shadow in the shadowy area of the picture. That's when I pulled up the pic to see it bigger and just found it strange. Thinking back on the day, it made me wonder if the babbling I clearly remember her doing was actually directed to something (or someone) and that I had caught it in this picture." - N.R.