Little Girl Spirit Photo?

An interesting photo of a light anomaly might be the capture of a known spirit that has been seen of a young female child.

"I captured this photo this morning 12/10/2014 when taking a picture of my 6 year old daughter. For the past four years, my family and I (as well as visitors) have felt the presence of what may be a 12 year old little girl's spirit. Never have we felt fearful. We have had a friend say he would not visit our home ever again, though, after seeing the spirit move from the den across the floor and into the kitchen where she disappeared." - Cory S.

"I have another photo taken right after this one with the white - nothing was in that photo. Truly odd.

The little girl still moves from the den in the evenings toward the kitchen through the dining room. I pulled out my recorder on the morning of December 10th, and my family and I can hear her crying when we asked her questions." - Cory S.

Additional Thoughts
Sometimes, when something like a bracelet or a camera strap hangs down from the hand holding the camera, it can get in front of the lens where the camera's flash (if used) can reflect off of it, producing a bright white anomaly or something that looks odd. (See some photos of camera straps in front of the lens for comparion.)

What makes this ghost picture intriguing, though, is that the white light 'thing' comes up from the bottom and does not originate from the top of the photograph. This leaves us to question what could have portruded upward and in front of the lens - truly odd for that to happen. It's possible but not likely. So, this photo remains 'paranormal,' meaning 'beyond what we could consider normal.' Maybe, it is the essence of the little girl seen and felt within the home. We hope that the family can help her find and connect with her loved ones in the ether.